Mohh…. Don’t get Trapped

Mohhh‘…..A word which justifies our attachment with d one which holds some special place in our life. 

A word which truly signifies d amount of love n care we hold for them deep inside our hearts….

Sometimes v just follow our heart n keep on doing wat it says….Without realising what others would feel about it.

Most of d Relations r lost somewhere in d fight between our Ego n Love. Ego to prove Urself right….N love to make them feel special. 

Sometimes v r soo much lost in the Mohh of relations that v don’t even realise what’s right n whats wrong. And somewhere lost between in this feeling of love v keep on doing wat v feel is right which actually might be  completely wrong.

Sometimes v just need to b strong enough to leave this Mohh n think beyond it, may b we just need to step into others shoes n try to figure out the things from their perspective as well before concluding.

Sometimes before raising a finger on others v simply need to understand that…

Real sacrifices r never disclosed,  they remain untold.’

n somewhere they might have just silently did it for u.

It’s been said beautifully…..

Prem shakti deta hai,  Mohh insaan ko durbal bnata hai

Prem swatantrata mai vishwaas rkhta hai, jab ki Mohh to bas baandhna chahta hai

Prem ni-swaarth  hai, Mohh swaarthi  hai

Prem mai asurakhsha ka koi sthaan nai, Par Mohh tumhe saadev asurakshit rkhega

Prem to sirf baantana janta hai, Mohh bas apne mai hi uljha rhta hai “


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