Beauty….. Lies inside U

Beauty…. Does it really matter or d way u present Urself that matters. I have been asking this question to myself from awhile…. N every time I question myself I hear the same answer…. ‘Beauty lies within u’ .

This is an illogical world, people here may praise a person just for d looks, not for d heart.

You need not to have a perfect face or a perfect physique to be tagged as beautiful…. Beauty lies inside u.. Just a beautiful heart n a natural smile is enough to stand out as Bold n Beautiful. 

Your personality n persona is d one which leaves an impression…. Not your face.

Confidence to stand out as beautiful comes from within… If your confidence is a result of your outer beauty then its not gonna b permanent, one day u gonna loose it….. Lets just make it as permanent by enhancing your soul not body.

The way u present Urself, d way u smile,  d way u talk, d way u carry urself, d confidence in ur eyes is d real barometer of how beautiful u r.

People may fall in love wid ur skin for a while but dey may fall in love wid ur personality for lifetime.

A beautiful heart has more glow on his face, more sound in his laughter, more satisfaction in his voice than a heart full of guilt.

Your heart should be home for love respect n care….. jealousy ego n hatred should be treated as guests… Not allowed to b reside permanently within u.

#B Bold B Beautiful….. B ‘You’ 


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