U said its Over… I said its just the Beginning 

Our mind is full of thoughts, putting those thoughts into a piece of paper makes u relive them n here I go exploring my thoughts n reliving it….. 

I heard d footsteps, n d laughter which I haven’t heard from months…… I felt alived – full of life again.

Yess…. I was in a perfect world for that moment, with d one I have always wished to be.

Time heels everything but ‘Viraag’ – the emotional pain of being separated from a loved one…. Just grows each n every moment with time.

I was in a paradise….. After almost months I could feel that peace n satisfaction in me….. We talked, we laughed, we almost even tried to make each other jealous…. But still at d end we said it silently to each other what no one else heard. You still remember each n every moment we had shared… And That’s the most beautiful connection only few people share….  I guess we r d lucky ones.

You can lie to d whole world…. But I could see the pain in ur eyes too…. D pain of doing what u never wanted to do, d pain of hurting d one u never wanted to.

World might not see that pain in ur eyes….. But I have been  a part of u, I cannot only see that infact I can feel that too. Sometimes u just need to look into d persons eyes…. Feel the emotions n understand it….. Silence speaks more dan words. 

I really Don’t know what destiny has stored in for us…… But I have full belief that one day its bound to happen again….. I think dats how it’s planned to b happen.

Hold ur hope n belief strong…. . If there is hope then there must b no doubt, only belief should persist.

In a world full of beliefs MiRaCLeS do happen


2 thoughts on “U said its Over… I said its just the Beginning 

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