LiFe… A heartfelt journey

Some stories do connect people, I hope this one makes an impact too……

In the journey of life….. It’s very difficult for a person to climb down the ladder and go back to zero, just to hold a person’s hand and make him climb the ladder with u.
Fortunately I took that decision,  to climb down n hold ur hand…. And let u climb first the ladder of life,  all this time I had been behind u…. To hold u, to push u, to make u move forward…. And just to ensure u don’t fell down.
But unfortunately u never realised the painsacrifice,  n stress I have been through while I was behind u… May b because I never gave u a chance to take that pain…. I always took it myself and motivated u to go higher n higher….. May b because I loved u soo much that I couldn’t bear that pain on your face…. So it seemed easy for me to took that pain myself.
But one day…. I just realised, that while moving the steps higher… U just forgot the person behind u, without whom you might hav not even reached so high…… I suddenly realised that u moved ahead without even caring for the one who was behind u holding u for sooo long…. Just to ensure u dont give up and fell down.
It’s really hard to see this side of urs….. Even harder than the pain I hav been through with u.
But I don’t know why…. I am still there behind u to hold u if u fell down….. May b in this journey of life I fell soo deeply in love with u, that I still can’t take my eyes of u. I could have moved higher, but I just choose to still by your side, just like a Shadow….. No matter where u will be you will always find me with u. Hope one day u will feel my presence n will acknwldge me with double love than I do.

I have nothing left…. But just HoPe