Love stories…..Do they really exist!!!!!

I had been reading few books for a while, which the authors claim to be based on their love life. I know no novel purely depicts a real story and is somewhat the result of authors creative mind playing around his real life incidents.
But still as the stories leave an impact, it somehow made me question myself do love stories really exist……!!!!
Do people really fall in love…. Or its just their need for  emotional and mental support which make them fall in love.

People love because they are empty handed, And once they start getting from life, they try to fly high, leaving behind everything.
Being selfish is not at all wrong……But being selfish with the one who has never treated u as on option and always thought of u before them…. Actually shows your true colors.

If true love exists…. I wonder how lucky will be those to have it. But then this leads me to another question, how often does this kind of love happen??
To this I realised myself….. Only once.
You can fall in love with the same person twice but cannot love two persons with same emotions.
Somewhere deep down within u, u also know that it’s not the same. Someone has quoted it beautifully

LoVe happens only once, rest is just LiFe