Love stories…..Do they really exist!!!!!

I had been reading few books for a while, which the authors claim to be based on their love life. I know no novel purely depicts a real story and is somewhat the result of authors creative mind playing around his real life incidents.
But still as the stories leave an impact, it somehow made me question myself do love stories really exist……!!!!
Do people really fall in love…. Or its just their need for  emotional and mental support which make them fall in love.

People love because they are empty handed, And once they start getting from life, they try to fly high, leaving behind everything.
Being selfish is not at all wrong……But being selfish with the one who has never treated u as on option and always thought of u before them…. Actually shows your true colors.

If true love exists…. I wonder how lucky will be those to have it. But then this leads me to another question, how often does this kind of love happen??
To this I realised myself….. Only once.
You can fall in love with the same person twice but cannot love two persons with same emotions.
Somewhere deep down within u, u also know that it’s not the same. Someone has quoted it beautifully

LoVe happens only once, rest is just LiFe



LiFe… A heartfelt journey

Some stories do connect people, I hope this one makes an impact too……

In the journey of life….. It’s very difficult for a person to climb down the ladder and go back to zero, just to hold a person’s hand and make him climb the ladder with u.
Fortunately I took that decision,  to climb down n hold ur hand…. And let u climb first the ladder of life,  all this time I had been behind u…. To hold u, to push u, to make u move forward…. And just to ensure u don’t fell down.
But unfortunately u never realised the painsacrifice,  n stress I have been through while I was behind u… May b because I never gave u a chance to take that pain…. I always took it myself and motivated u to go higher n higher….. May b because I loved u soo much that I couldn’t bear that pain on your face…. So it seemed easy for me to took that pain myself.
But one day…. I just realised, that while moving the steps higher… U just forgot the person behind u, without whom you might hav not even reached so high…… I suddenly realised that u moved ahead without even caring for the one who was behind u holding u for sooo long…. Just to ensure u dont give up and fell down.
It’s really hard to see this side of urs….. Even harder than the pain I hav been through with u.
But I don’t know why…. I am still there behind u to hold u if u fell down….. May b in this journey of life I fell soo deeply in love with u, that I still can’t take my eyes of u. I could have moved higher, but I just choose to still by your side, just like a Shadow….. No matter where u will be you will always find me with u. Hope one day u will feel my presence n will acknwldge me with double love than I do.

I have nothing left…. But just HoPe


U said its Over… I said its just the Beginning 

Our mind is full of thoughts, putting those thoughts into a piece of paper makes u relive them n here I go exploring my thoughts n reliving it….. 

I heard d footsteps, n d laughter which I haven’t heard from months…… I felt alived – full of life again.

Yess…. I was in a perfect world for that moment, with d one I have always wished to be.

Time heels everything but ‘Viraag’ – the emotional pain of being separated from a loved one…. Just grows each n every moment with time.

I was in a paradise….. After almost months I could feel that peace n satisfaction in me….. We talked, we laughed, we almost even tried to make each other jealous…. But still at d end we said it silently to each other what no one else heard. You still remember each n every moment we had shared… And That’s the most beautiful connection only few people share….  I guess we r d lucky ones.

You can lie to d whole world…. But I could see the pain in ur eyes too…. D pain of doing what u never wanted to do, d pain of hurting d one u never wanted to.

World might not see that pain in ur eyes….. But I have been  a part of u, I cannot only see that infact I can feel that too. Sometimes u just need to look into d persons eyes…. Feel the emotions n understand it….. Silence speaks more dan words. 

I really Don’t know what destiny has stored in for us…… But I have full belief that one day its bound to happen again….. I think dats how it’s planned to b happen.

Hold ur hope n belief strong…. . If there is hope then there must b no doubt, only belief should persist.

In a world full of beliefs MiRaCLeS do happen

Beauty….. Lies inside U

Beauty…. Does it really matter or d way u present Urself that matters. I have been asking this question to myself from awhile…. N every time I question myself I hear the same answer…. ‘Beauty lies within u’ .

This is an illogical world, people here may praise a person just for d looks, not for d heart.

You need not to have a perfect face or a perfect physique to be tagged as beautiful…. Beauty lies inside u.. Just a beautiful heart n a natural smile is enough to stand out as Bold n Beautiful. 

Your personality n persona is d one which leaves an impression…. Not your face.

Confidence to stand out as beautiful comes from within… If your confidence is a result of your outer beauty then its not gonna b permanent, one day u gonna loose it….. Lets just make it as permanent by enhancing your soul not body.

The way u present Urself, d way u smile,  d way u talk, d way u carry urself, d confidence in ur eyes is d real barometer of how beautiful u r.

People may fall in love wid ur skin for a while but dey may fall in love wid ur personality for lifetime.

A beautiful heart has more glow on his face, more sound in his laughter, more satisfaction in his voice than a heart full of guilt.

Your heart should be home for love respect n care….. jealousy ego n hatred should be treated as guests… Not allowed to b reside permanently within u.

#B Bold B Beautiful….. B ‘You’ 

Demanding Respect….not Sympathy

India…. A place where 50% of d females are not even getting  the basic right of education n rest 50%  who are educated are still trying to prove their existence in their fields.

A place where 50% of d females r victims, n rest of d 50% are living in the fear of becoming one someday.

A place where 50% of the people are not aware of the mishaps happening even in their neighbourhood n rest of the 50% are trying to close their eyes even after seeing it just because our law tortures the people trying to help the victim more than the culprits.

A place where females r advised to stay at home to avoid any sexual harassment n mishaps, just becoz our government n law are too weak to handle it.

A place where some people r not able to even buy proper food to eat, but v r expecting them to upload a selfie as a part of digital India.

We cannot even understand 10% of their pain, because v r not living it or facing it …. Until v will b in their situation to understand it someday.

Nowadays people r supporting the government campaigns of making India better, but people first need to think n take a stand for their basic rights of living in a safe India.

Following d crowd is not a good option……. Make d government do what v feel is d need to do and should b focused first,  not what they feel is easy to do.

All v expect is Respect not Sympathy from d world

Mohh…. Don’t get Trapped

Mohhh‘…..A word which justifies our attachment with d one which holds some special place in our life. 

A word which truly signifies d amount of love n care we hold for them deep inside our hearts….

Sometimes v just follow our heart n keep on doing wat it says….Without realising what others would feel about it.

Most of d Relations r lost somewhere in d fight between our Ego n Love. Ego to prove Urself right….N love to make them feel special. 

Sometimes v r soo much lost in the Mohh of relations that v don’t even realise what’s right n whats wrong. And somewhere lost between in this feeling of love v keep on doing wat v feel is right which actually might be  completely wrong.

Sometimes v just need to b strong enough to leave this Mohh n think beyond it, may b we just need to step into others shoes n try to figure out the things from their perspective as well before concluding.

Sometimes before raising a finger on others v simply need to understand that…

Real sacrifices r never disclosed,  they remain untold.’

n somewhere they might have just silently did it for u.

It’s been said beautifully…..

Prem shakti deta hai,  Mohh insaan ko durbal bnata hai

Prem swatantrata mai vishwaas rkhta hai, jab ki Mohh to bas baandhna chahta hai

Prem ni-swaarth  hai, Mohh swaarthi  hai

Prem mai asurakhsha ka koi sthaan nai, Par Mohh tumhe saadev asurakshit rkhega

Prem to sirf baantana janta hai, Mohh bas apne mai hi uljha rhta hai “