Demanding Respect….not Sympathy

India…. A place where 50% of d females are not even getting  the basic right of education n rest 50%  who are educated are still trying to prove their existence in their fields.

A place where 50% of d females r victims, n rest of d 50% are living in the fear of becoming one someday.

A place where 50% of the people are not aware of the mishaps happening even in their neighbourhood n rest of the 50% are trying to close their eyes even after seeing it just because our law tortures the people trying to help the victim more than the culprits.

A place where females r advised to stay at home to avoid any sexual harassment n mishaps, just becoz our government n law are too weak to handle it.

A place where some people r not able to even buy proper food to eat, but v r expecting them to upload a selfie as a part of digital India.

We cannot even understand 10% of their pain, because v r not living it or facing it …. Until v will b in their situation to understand it someday.

Nowadays people r supporting the government campaigns of making India better, but people first need to think n take a stand for their basic rights of living in a safe India.

Following d crowd is not a good option……. Make d government do what v feel is d need to do and should b focused first,  not what they feel is easy to do.

All v expect is Respect not Sympathy from d world